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Wish Rathod

Wish Rathod is a very popular Tiktok Star as well as a model. So let's know. How did he succeed at such a young age.

Life Story

Vishwa Rathod was born on 6 July 1998 in a city called Rajkot in Gujarat. Vishwa Rathod is his real name. But they are better known as Wish Rathod. Wish Rathod is survived by his parents as well as his family. And one is younger than him. Wish rathod's mother-sin was discovered. When Wish was younger. Wish rathod lived with her father.

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Wish did not like the lifestyle of his family life at all. Means Gujarati. So to live in the veil. And then when she turns 18-19, then married - children. Wish did not like such a life at all. She wanted to do something different. In life.

Wish Rathod

Wish Rathod was expelled from his father at the age of 17 due to some misunderstanding. She was out of the house that day. Just then, my father got a call. And his father started saying that I know. You have run away from home with a boy. Wish Rathod wanted to explain to his father too much. But his father was adamant on his insistence. That you have run away from home and got married to someone. Now do not come back again. His father did not agree even after much persuasion. Then Wish Rathod also thought that nothing can happen now. And she slept in a temple that night. And the month of December was also cold. Somehow I spent the night in the temple.

Wish Rathod

Wish started looking for work since morning. So he got work in a shop in which Wish used to get only 50 rupees for a full day. With that she used to run the day. Then a few months later, Wish shifted to Ahmedabad. There he was an Event Managment company. In which he started getting a salary of Rs 5000 for the month. Wish had also become his friend of work there for a long time. There were also some friends who used it only for their own benefit, befriending Wish Rathod. And some friends also used to take great care of Wish. wish also took a house of hers who lived with friends.

Wish Rathod Career

Wish used to manage all his expenses by himself. Worked at Event Managment Company for a long time. After that she shifted to Delhi because she had to do something different. There Wish worked as a model. Due to which that acting was also very good.

Wish Rathod

Wish got Tiktok the real identity. Today he has more than 8.9 Million followers in his tiktok account. Which is a big deal. Achieving so much followers.
Wish used to share photos of his Model Photoshoot in Instagram, which people liked very much. Wish Tatto is famously known as Girl. Because he has drawn Tattoo all over his body. Which makes her quite different from other Girl. All of Wish's tatto are crazy. today also .

Wish's instagram has more than 595k followers. And today he is one of the most popular Tiktok Creators. Tik tok was highly loved and respected by Wish. Today many people know him because of that tiktok. Wish said in one of his interviews. That Wish still misses her father and family members a lot. He has also made his grandfather's Tattoo in his hand.

Wish Rathod

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Date of birth : 6 July 1998

Age : 22 Years

Birthplace : Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Nationality : Indian

Religion : Hindu

Height : 5’2”

Weight : 50 kg

Eye Color : Black

Hair Color : Black

Net Worth : $0.1 Million

Wish Rathod

Wish Rathod instagram
Wish Rathod facebook
Wish Rathod tiktok

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